Our story

Luminata is a unique symbiosis of Nordic and Italian cultures and lifestyles brought to life by its founders, team and international partner network, always well-informed about the area of expertise and locality we are focusing on. It’s an insightful, elegant, but approachable brand, made with love for people who need a little spark of inspiration in their lives. It reminds us of important, but perhaps in the rush of everyday life forgotten things, and most importantly - helps to get there.

"Ultimately, Luminata is about creating and delivering memorable Italy experiences for our private and business customers."
Evelin Ojamets, founder

Mediterranean spirit

We look into the life itself for constant inspiration and see value in simple, everyday things. We value experiences and people over things – it doesn’t matter what you have or were born with, it matters what you do and how you do it. We value happy encounters with people and an outstanding friendliness towards everyone.


We get things done in the Nordic down-to-earth way – being effective, organized, honest and straightforward in our doings and communication towards everyone. We don’t overpromise and always deliver. At the same time we believe in the value and promotion of the Nordic well-being, caring and healthy lifestyle in terms of our own people, customers and wider public.


We never stop learning and exploring ourselves, as that is the only way we can deliver meaningful experiences and expert consultancy to our customers. We love what we do and want to impact a positive lasting change for our customers, both on their business and private lives. We learn from mistakes and are always looking for new, improved ways to do things while staying true to our core values and to our purpose.


Everything we do, we do with class and integrity. We just don’t show the way, we take the customers all the way where they want to go. We create and deliver memorable and impactful experiences to private and business customers with attention to details, “can-do” attitude and that final elegant touch that makes all the difference. We prefer simple beauty and timeless design in everything over flash.