Wine, food and culture programmes in Italy


Take a break from your busy life to experience the authentic Italy of locals, we are waiting for you all year round!

We design and organize everything programme-related, carrying those out in English, Estonian or Italian, together with our local experts. All programmes can be adapted according to your specific needs, we have activities for half a day and for several days, depending on your available time. Taking part of Luminata experiences will save you valuable organizing time whilst ensuring that you will get to enjoy authentic experiences of quality, organized with an utmost care for details.

You can participate in our programmes starting from two people, however, when you are a solo traveller, please do get in contact with us, we might be able to find a small group for you to join.

All you need to do is to organize your flights and accommodation that we will be happy to provide our suggestions for, and in terms of programmes we will be taking care of everything, including the local transportation, reservations etc. Our prices are depending on the final activities chosen and on the number of people, but we guarantee that they are people-friendly, making the experiences totally worth of your time and money!