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The smallest island in the bay of Naples, Procida, is actually just 40 minutes hydrofoil ride away from Naples. Perhaps it’s a touch less known than its neighboring islands of Capri and Ischia, but having been the Italy’s Capital of Culture 2022 has certainly put a new spotlight on it, much deservedly so.

Here are some of our travel recommendations about the island for a shorter getaway, especially for those interested in culture and food experiences.

Marina Grande
Procida - Evelin Ojamets  - Luminata

Typically that’s the port where you are arriving, having taken a ferry or hydrofoil from Naples. Full of comers and goers, so always busy, it’s also surrounded by little cosy restaurants, bars and cafes where one could have a quick snack before boarding, or sit down for a lunch or dinner with a magnificent view on the marina. One of our favorites in Marina Grande is the restaurant A un passo dal mare (a step away from the sea) with its typical island dishes, try it out! 


Procida - island souvenirs  - Luminata
Shopping for local souvenirs in via Roma

The island’s main street, via Roma, and its neighboring streets are full of little local handicraft and souvenir shops for those who would like to take a little memory with them. Anything from handpainted tambourines to lemon soaps, beach bags, kitchen towels and utensils, to ready-made spice mixes for pasta, cookbooks and much more.

Seafood & lemons
Procida - seafood  - Luminata

If you are a seafood lover, the island is an absolute must for you! Starting as a small fishermen’s island, Procida has great traditions in catching and preparing fresh fish and seafood, anything from raw to grilled to fried, as well as part of many wonderful pasta sauces etc. Some of the most typical dishes to try are linguine with sea urchin, stuffed calamari and golden fried anchovies, however, the variety allows to cater for everyone’s taste, from a grilled sea bream (orata) or tuna to octopus, mussels and clams.

And those who love the taste of lemon, you are also in the right place! Lemon desserts are the pride and joy of Procida, from a zesty lemon sorbet served directly in the lemon to a wonderfully creamy delizia al limone (a fantastic dome-shaped sponge cake with lemon cream) to lemon slush (granita al limone).

Our warmest recommendation to enjoy all of this, is the restaurant Il Maestrale that you can find in Marina Corricella.

Procida - Piazzetta Massimo Troisi - Luminata
Marina Corricella & Massimo Troisi

The picturesque and romantic port of Marina Corricella is essentially what used to be - and still is today – a fishermen’s village of the island. Whilst having a seaside walk there in the early morning, or looking at the sea with a fresh cup of coffee in your hands from the balcony of one of the small B&Bs, you can see the fishermen with their small boats heading off to the sea. That’s also a perfect place to have your moonlight dinner in one of the restaurants offering the best of the island’s cuisine (such as Il Maestrale, mentioned in the previous section).

Marina Corricella wouldn’t be complete without its piazzetta Massimo Troisi, a little square with light blue, pink, white and yellow houses dedicated to the Italian actor, screenwriter and director whose comedy-drama (this one directed by Michael Radford) was in 1994 made in Procida. Radford has also written a commemorative article about his encounters with Massimo and filming of the Postman, published in The Guardian in 2011. 


Procida - Marina Corricella - Luminata
Sunset aperitif on the boat

Marina Corricella is also a perfect place for any visitor to embark on a boat trip. You can buy the tickets right there and have different options to choose from: from breakfast to romantic sunset aperitivo on the boat, to full day trips, tour around the island, or even going to a fishing adventure.


Procida - Terra Murata  - Luminata
Terra Murata, a land surrounded by walls

A medieval village, literally overlooking the sea, is the historical and cultural center of the island, the highest point of it. Climbing uphill is the only way to get there, but trust us, it’s well worth it! The climb is surrounded by breathtaking views on the island and the Gulf of Naples, so have your cameras ready! Once there, be sure to vist the 16th century Abbey of San Michele (among many of its treasures is also the paining where St Michael is defeating the Satan), as well as the Palazzo d’Avalos, also dating back to the 16th century, a fortress of the Cardinal d’Avalos turned into a Royal Palace for Bourbons, turned into a prison citadel active till 1988.


Thank you for your hospitality, Procida! Grazie ed arrivederci!

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