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Discover Naples / Avasta Napoli

Take part of our workshop "Discover Naples" that gives you everything you need for making your visit to Naples memorable: history, culture, food, wines, recipes, tips about local hidden pearls and the essence of travel vocabulary. Interactive workshop with Luminata Napoli experts with ca 20 years of local experience will end with Q&As session for your travel planning.

"Avasta Napoli" veebiseminar Luminata kogenud Napoli ekspertidega viib avastama linna ajalugu ja toidukultuuri; annab soovitusi sealsete vaatamisväärsuste ja vaid kohalikele teada toidukohtade külastamiseks, ning teele kaasa ka esmase sõnavara. Võimalus küsida nõu oma reisi planeerimiseks Napolisse.

GIVEAWAY: Participants will get after the workshop also a deck of "Naples highlights" with the most important information in the form of pdf, so you can save that on your mobile device and use during your travels in Naples.

Duration / kestvus : 60 min
Language / keel: English OR Estonian
Time / aeg: various times each month
Price / hind: 12 EUR + VAT

Participants will be getting a meeting link to join.