Creative Storytelling Workshop - Evelin Ojamets
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Creative Storytelling Workshop

Date: April 13
Time & place: 11 AM - 3 PM, Naples center
Price: 65 EUR / per person (snacks and drinks included)
Language: English

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-expression and storytelling? Whether you dream of starting a blog, crafting a captivating brand story, writing a groundbreaking novel, or simply exploring your writing creativity, our Creative Storytelling Workshop is designed just for you!

  • Master the Art of Storytelling: Tap into the power of storytelling to engage and captivate your readers. From creating compelling characters to designing captivating plotlines, our workshop will guide you through each step of the storytelling process.
  • Develop a Magnetic Brand Story: If you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to create a compelling brand story, we've got you covered! We will help you craft a brand narrative that resonates with your target audience and conveys your unique value. 
  • Blogging for Success: Explore the world of blogging and learn how to write engaging and shareable content. From crafting captivating headlines to mastering SEO, you'll gain the essential skills needed to launch a successful blog.
  • Connect with Like-minded Writers: Our workshop provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow writers, share ideas, and receive constructive feedback. Collaborate, inspire, and grow together in a supportive community of aspiring wordsmiths.
  • Elevate Your Creative Writing with AI Tools.  AI tools can help you find the perfect turn of phrase, identify relevant themes and tone, and overcome writer's block.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to nurture your creativity and bring your writing dreams to life. Limited spots available.  

Workshop will be guided by Evelin Ojamets. Evelin is a passion-driven brand marketer and creative storyteller with over 20 years of international experience.  Evelin's expertise (bio in LinkedIN)  extends to boosting the growth of various startups, running in-house brand, communications, and creative teams in global companies, as well as consulting clients from diverse sectors in her agency roles. She has a passion for creative storytelling, branding, writing, and traveling, and is fluent in English, Estonian, and Italian. She has been writing numerous articles, blog stories, brand narratives, creative copies, and is about to finalize her novel.