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Workshops & Creative Shootings

  • Creative workshops
  • Tailor-made inspirational & creativity boosting team events
  • Concepting & practical hands-on project management of photo and video shootings in Naples, Amalfi Coast, Capri,  Procida, Tuscany, Tallinn & Helsinki for business and private customers
  • DIY, design, photography, creative writing etc workshops & courses
You can trust us with everything - from concept creation to practical implementation and delivery. We have our standard choice of activities designed together with a circle of trusted partners in each and every location, but we are always adapting to our customers' real needs, so that the final outcome would truly reflect your and your team's wishes. 

In many cases, the team events and workshops can also be combined with our Well-being, Gourmet & Cultural experiences.

Let us help you with that, so that you could concentrate on your core business and sales. Our team has more than 20 years of international experience from consumer goods & services, food, IT, fintech, lifestyle, travel, consultancy, journalism and design & fashion sectors.

In many cases we are using different local partners to deliver the services together with us. They are all hand-selected and come with a proven track record, but one thing will never change - for you, the customer, our team will be the single contact point and always accountable for a flawless delivery.

Locations we offer: Naples, Amalfi Coast, Capri,  Procida, Florence & the wine towns of Tuscany, Tallinn, Helsinki.